This department is responsible for the development and implementation of an integrated marketing and sales strategy to promote Al Arabi products and to generate revenue and business for the company. We strive to challenge ourselves to exceed client expectations and we identify client’s needs and provide solutions whenever and wherever needed. We have endeavored to provide value-added quality services, unrivaled by our competitors, to our clients and prospects for their satisfaction. Our experienced sales and marketing team is at your service- Just a phone call away…


     Attention to detail is our motto! Our Engineering Design department operates on advanced simulation and computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) platforms. The company has a full complement of die manufacturing equipment used to design, fabricate, service and repair all of our own dies on the premises.

     Each project is meticulously designed considering its features as well as fundamental requirements such as structural stability, air tightness, water tightness etc. We specialize in design and creation of new profiles possible to help realize the dreams of consultants/clients. We are committed to steady, long term improvement of all of our products and processes through defect prevention rather than detection.


     Equipped with the latest models in machinery the company manufactures fabricated parts, finished products, and machined parts in aluminum. Al Arabi ensures precise fabrication and air/water tight hairline joints. All facilities including TIG/MIG welding, sandwich pane ling, sheet bending, rolling are available in-house. Thorough quality checks are done to make the product reach international standards. We are committed to quick responses, unsurpassed quality, competitive pricing, reliable deliveries and an exhaustive inventory.


     Al Arabi is one the leading companies within Engineering, Design and Fabrication of Aluminium Structures and Products in the Region.  Extensive knowledge and experience within the fields of extrusion technology, tooling and welding techniques, quality assurance and metallurgy are decisive factors in our ability to supply products of a consistent high quality in many projects.  A highly dedicated, experienced team of engineers and technicians on site take the trial from inception to completion, right from design, work execution, installation, until the satisfactory handing over of the project to the client according to the commitments. This approach delivers clear lines of accountability and higher levels of consistency and continuity throughout the project.

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